Confidence Clinics

Do you struggle with fear? Have you had a bad experience—a fall or other traumatic event—and now have lost the joy and comfort of riding? Do you feel like your communication with your horse is no longer effective? Fear can turn the joy of riding in to a nightmare, but there is hope. Confidence clinics are designed to help jumpstart your courage and give you tools to work through the challenges faced by you and your horse. While the restoration of confidence is a long-term project, Confidence Clinics can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Heather Bailey, Head Trainer at Phoenix Farm in Healdsburg, Calif., offers this unique opportunity to everyone struggling with fear on their horse. Heather is uniquely qualified to teach these clinics, because in addition to her extensive credentials as a horseman and trainer, she too has struggled with confidence and fear issues as a result of accidents. The techniques she teaches have been developed over years of working through her own anxiety and helping countless horses and riders working through their own issues. Let her show you that riding can be fun again!

Confidence Clinics are available in one- or two-day formats, and include lecture and Q & A portions, as well as riding. For more information on these clinics, or to schedule a Confidence Clinic, please contact Heather.

One- or two-day format: (Based on 10 riders, more accommodated upon request)
1 day format: 1 hour of lecture, 5 hours of riding, 1 hour of Q&A
2 day format: 1 hour of lecture (day 1), 7.5 hours of riding (each day), 1 hour of Q & A (day 2)

Lecture Portion
Classroom style, Power Point
Topics Covered:
Who am I, and why would you care what I say
-Is it him or me? Horse problems vs. rider problems
-OK, it’s him: Training vs Personality
-OK, it’s me: who are you as a rider? Only your horse knows for sure.
-Why “should” is the worst word in the English language.
-Strategies for Success
-Keep it moving
-Break it down
-Immersion Therapy
-Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em

Riding Portion
Pairs together, combined by clinician, for an hour to an hour and a half each (depending on 1- or 2-day format)
-Facing your fear vs. avoiding your fear
-Staying safe when things are going wrong
-NO! When they mean it, and when they don’t
-The eyes have it: Using your eyes to work through challenges

-What worked, what didn’t, and where do we go from here?

All costs are based on 10 riders. Additional riders may be accommodated at additional cost. If you are a rider, please note these costs reflect Heather’s charges to the organizer, not the final cost of any given Confidence Clinic.

All expenses related to Heather’s travel, accommodation, and meals are the responsibility of the clinic host. If meals are not provided, a $50 a day per diem for food will be added to the cost.

Base Prices:
1-Day Confidence Clinic: $500 (plus expenses listed above)
2-Day Confidence Clinic: $900 (plus expenses listed above)