Here at Phoenix Farm our primary focus is on producing kind, correct athletes who are successfully doing jobs they love! Because we know by experience how individual horses can be, we specialize in applying classical techniques and theories to the individual needs of your horse. Whether it's starting a greenie, putting additional training and miles on an older horse, or helping to figure out a horse who's having difficulty, we are committed to creating the best possible outcome for the horses in our care. We can also train your horse in preparation for sale. No matter what your horse's needs, our holistic approach will give them a chance to excell.


We specialize in figuring out what each horse needs to be their best, and we look at every aspect of the horses life, from the riding and the training, to the feed, turnout, and social aspects. We design a custom program for you horse, to help them fulfil your potential. At any age or level, let us show you how good your horse can truly be.


We enjoy working with any horse who needs to learn and improve their skill set. We have extensive experience with horses off the track and enjoy the challenge of the quirky horse who may not have had the benefit of the best start in life. We also accept a limited number of horses on consignment.

Training board includes feed, turnout, blanketing, work 4-6 days a week (includes riding and/or lessons for the owner), and all basic care. Consignment board also includes advertising on Phoenix Farm website and showing to clients. Additional advertising will be at cost to owner.

For either training or consignment board, horses may be competed to showcase their talents. For horses in full training, there is no additional charge for riding or grooming at shows, but owners are responsible for all show fees, and for hauling charges to and from the shows.

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