These wonderful animals are great pets, milk producers, equine companions and brush and weed control--they even eat the dreaded yellow star thistle. They are small and easy to care for and are at home on small or large properties. We breed for temperament first, and then for show quality, colorful Nigerians. While we may not show, we are looking to produce goats who could walk in to any show ring and do well. Mammary systems, conformation, and type are all part of our plan. Color is the icing on the cake. All of our goats are AGS and ADGA registered, and many are NDGA as well. Registration status of individuals is listed below. Call to reserve yours or come for a visit today. To see what we currently have for sale, or see our KIDDING SCHEDULE for 2017, please check out our goat sale page.

Our Bucks
Here at Phoenix Farm we carefully cultivated the best genetics to create a unique and correct buck pen. Because we plan our breedings carefully, our bucks don't alway have enough to do during breeding season. Therefore, we do offer breeding season leases on our bucks. Please contact the farm for prices and details.

Freedom Star Tonka Toy *B
D.O.B. 3/3/12
Sire: Phoenix Farm Dark Knight *B
SS: CH AGS TX Twincreeks FAX Summerknight *B
SD: SG NC PromisedLand Deviant Seven 3*M
Dam: GCH AGS Howling Hill Thalassa *M
DS: GCH Humble Acres Orion
AGS Howling Hill Bianca
ADGA registered, AGS pending

We weren't really looking for another buck but when this guy came available, we just couldn't ignore his stellar pedigree, gorgeous type and, we admit, his stunning moonspots. We are so lucky to have him and can't wait to see what he brings to the herd. Thanks to Rolling Meadows farm for letting Tonka become a California boy! Photos of Tonka and his dam courtesy of Rolling Meadows Farm.

Miracle Kids Bela Bartok
D.O.B. 1/11/12
Sire: Miracle Kids Captain Morgan E
SS: Karim's King Arthur
SD: Starbucks Biscotti
Dam: Miracle Kids Anastasia
DS: Pecan Hollow CI Chandler
Munchranch Halo
AGS, NDGA, ADGA registered

This striking young man earned his way on to our keep list by catching our eye, and keeping it. His genetics speak for themselves, but as an individual he is correct, with beautiful blue eyes, a lovely disposition, and did we mention eye catching? This guy is the real deal. His first crop of babies knocked us out of the part with their friendlienss, ease of handling and complete correctness and every year he is a reliable producer of pretty, correct, friendly babies.

Phoenix Lexington Heir
D.O.B 5/5/13
Sire: Phoenix Honest Abe
SS: CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln
SD: Sunrise Farms Goodbye Norma Jean
Dam: Sunrise Farms Follow U In2 The Dark
DS: Roc N Ewe De Risky Bizness
DD: BRB Where Soul Meets Body
AGS, NDGA, ADGA registered

This guy popped out and everybody present said, "Wow!" He's caught our eye from the beginning and we haven't stopped watching. Lovely, correct buck who throws all his best attributes . His first crop knocked our socks off, with lots of color and correctness, and the most exceptional, friendly, easy going personalities. Every one of his first kids is a true lap goat, and are all correct as can be.

Smith Station Summer Solsctice
D.O.B 9/7/15
Sire: Smith Station Johnny Cash
SS: Sacred Spirit CS Who's The Boss
SD: Painted Mini's Patsy Cline
Dam: KEMMS Barnyard Tink
DS: La Dolce Vita Zuppa
DD: La Dolce Vta May
AGS, ADGA registered

This stunning, correct buckling brings in great show and dairy genetics, and he'd polled and blue-eyed. Doesn't get much better than that. He' also an excellent outcross for our local bloodlines. We are loving what he's bringing to our herd, with a length of line and correctness in his legs. His daughters are uniformly pretty and dairy.

Our Does

Our does are selected for temperament first, then quality, dairy character and color. Here are our girls:

Phoenix Amakua
D.O.B 2009
Sire: CRF Castle Rock Sky Walker
SS: Rosasharn HB Mithrandir
SD: Castle Rock Sky Lupine

Dam: Ain't Misbehave'n's Cloud Nine
DS: Cornerstone Farms GN's Nahbi
DD: Highland Blue Magic
AGS, NDGA, ADGA registered

Amakua is a Hawaiian word for ancestral spirits, and when this little girl popped out of her Mom, it took only moments to know we would be retaining her. Despite the funny pose in this photo, she is the goat that always draws the visitors eyes and interest. She has it all: color, dairy, and the calm, gentle spirit of her mother, combined with top pedigree and dairy quality of her sire's family. Everything we love about Cloudy, we love about this brightly colored girl. She produces gorgeous babies that are always the first to sell.

Sly Farms Starlett
D.O.B 2/18/12
Sire: Sly Farms HM Ivy League
SS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon *S
SD: Sly Farms DJ Hibiscus

Dam: Sly Farms ML Hollywood
DS: CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln
DD: MCH Castle Rock MB Lullaby
AGS, NDGA, ADGA registered

"Starlett" is a beautiful goat, leggy, elegant, and so very diary. She brings some interesting outcross blood to our herd, with excellent show genetics. She is small and feminine, with excellent quality and quiet, sweet temperament. She produced two gorgrous doe kids for us in 2013, and knowcked it out of the park with quads in 2015. This picture does not do her justice, that's what I get for trying to take a picture during dinner time! She is lovely, femine and has long, smooth lines. She brings excellent show qualities to the table, as her dam was reserve champion doe at the California State Fair in 2015!

Phoenix Zydeco
D.O.B 2/20/12
Sire: Miracle Kids Tangaroa
SS: Miracle Kids CM Clear Blue Sky
SD: Miracle Kids Lips of An Angel

Dam: Ain't Misbehav'ens Cloud Nine
DS: Cornerstone Farm GN's Nahbi
DD: Highland Blue Magic
AGS, NDGA, ADGA registered

When we decided to start relieving Cloudy of her motherhood duties and go in to her dotage gracefully, we knew we want to keep as many of her blood lines in the herd as possible. She answered in style, delivering quads, including her two beuatiful daughters. "Zydeco" is a striking indvidual, with her mother's face, and her father's leggy conformation. She's such a snuggler, it was hard to get her to pose-she kept wanting to climb in John's lap!

Phoenix Azure Sky
D.O.B 3/7/13
Sire: Miracle Kids Bella Bartok
SS: Miracle Kids Captain Morgan E
SD: Miracle Kids Anastasia

Dam: Ain't Misbehav'ens Cloud Nine
DS: Cornerstone Farm GN's Nahbi
DD: Highland Blue Magic
AGS, NDGA, ADGA registered

We bred Cloudy one more time hoping for just one more extraordinary daughter to continue her line, and as usual, she knocked it out of the park. "Zazu" looks like a mini-me of her Mom, and is sweet, correct, and is looking to be a worthy descendent.

We brought some new blood in to our herd this year, and we thank Utterly Blessed Farm for letting these two girls come to join us! (photos courtesy of Utterly Blessed Farm)

Utterly Blessed Ancora 2*M
D.O.B 11/16/12
Sire: Olson Acres Valentinos Legacy
SS: Drogonfly L Mr. Irresistable
SD: Olson Acres Mi Madonna

Dam: Lil Roughnecks FLip Flop *M
DS: Lil Roughnecks Hillbilly Delux
DD: Lil Roughnecks Pocket Change
AGS, ADGA registered

Phoenix Lucky Charm
D.O.B 3/18/16
Sire: Smith Station Summer Solstice
SS: Smith Station Johnny Cash
SD: KEMMS Barnyard Tink
Dam: Phoenix Zydeco
DS: Miracle Kids Tangaroa
DD: Ain't Misbehave'ns Cloud Nine
AGS, ADGA registered

This is a gorgeous, elegant little doeling, with long lines, and correct conformation. We're very excited about this little girl!

FMG CYB Coffee At Midnight
D.O.B 3/25/15
Sire: Camanna UP Yaquina Bay
SS: Camanna GD Ultimate Praise
SD: Camanna PC Cleopatra in Blue
Dam: SG Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia 4*M 1-04 VVVV87
DS: Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby
DD: Pholia Farm Mi Carolina
AGS, ADGA registered

This is one of the most elegant, long does we've ever had--she's like a work of art. She is as correct and pretty as they come, and sweet to boot. Thanks to Nancy Boling for let her join us all the way from Idaho! We can't wait to see what this moonspotted beauty produces!

Phoenix Force Awakens (pending)
D.O.B 3/27/16
Sire: Smith Station Summer Solstice
SS: Smith Station Johnny Cash
SD: KEMMS Barnyard Tink
Dam: Mystique's Blue Nutmeg Spice *M
DS: MYS Domino Blues
DD: Mountain Quest Orange Spice
ADGA registered, AGS (pending)

With the fabulous Nutmeg getting up there in age we've been waiting for the right daughter to retain, and this is it. "Rey" is so pretty and elegant, and just exicdes class and character. Can't wait to see what she brings to the table as she matures!

Castle Rock Brandy
D.O.B 3/27/16
Sire: Castle Rock Black Oak *B
SS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish *B
SD: GCH Canstle Rock Sarafina 2*M
Dam: GCH CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire 2*M
DS: CRF Castle Rock Cobalt *B
DD: AGS TX Twincreeks WDF Sunsprite 1*M
ADGA & NDGA registered, AGS pending

This stunning polled girl from the best of lines is a champion show doe, even with getting a late start. she was champion 4/5 year old in June of 2017 at the Contra Costa Fair and Reserve Overall Grand Champion at the same show. She is as correct and dairy as they come and we are thankful to the Howell Family for letting her come live with us. Photos courtesy of River Edge Goats.

Lukalah Farm BZ Liberty
D.O.B 3/12/17
Sire: GCH Pecan Hollow ZC Bazingak +B (VEE 90)
SS: Pecan Hollow PS Zuzak
SD: CH Dill Pickle LB Constantine
Dam: Lukalah Farm TI Geneva Melody 2*M (+V+A 81)
DS: City Clicker Mini's Snap To it
DD: Camanna BJ Gold Merlot 1*M
ADGA registered, AGS & NDGA pending

We didn't really need another doe, but when we saw this lovely polled girl we just couldnt say no! Pedigree and performance all in one! Her previous owners had her on milk test as a FF, an she scored Milk: 2, Fat 3.98, Prot 3.80 and DIM 61, Thanks to Ashley for letting her be a part of our herd.Photos courtesy of Velanders Farm.

Phoenix Celestial Event (pending)
DOB: 7-26-18
Sire: Freedom Star Tonka Toy *B
SS: Phoenix Farm Dark Knight *B
SD: GCH AGS Howling Hill Thalassa *M
Dam: Utterly Blessed Ancora 2*M
DS: Olson Acres Valentinos Legacy
DD: Dam: Lil Roughnecks FLip Flop *M
Registration pending

Why did we retain her? Just look at her! Beauty and pedigree, can't wait to watch her grow up!

Foundation Doe

Ain't Misbehave'n's Cloud Nine
D.O.B 4/16/2004
Sire: Cornerstone Farm GN's Nahbi
SS: Clover Springs Gideon
SD: AR Gay Mor's Lucky Novel Wish 3*D 'E'

Dam: Highland Blue Magic
DS: Green Gate Blue Exiguss E, E
DD: Goodwood Q Sonora

Cloudy is the queen of our little herd, our best producer and a goat who will make you fall in love with the breed, She is smart, sensible, loving, and gentle, and a top quality doe with an excellent show record and dairy qualities. Her kids are uniformly friendly and beautiful, and prove themselves in the pail. She produced quads for us in 2012, a first for us and for Cloudy! A farm favorite, Cloudy is one to fall in love with. Cloudy is now retied as the grande dam and founder of our herd.

In Memorium:

Phoenix Imp
D.O.B 2007
Sire: Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge+ *S
SS: Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch *S, "E"
SD: MCH Twin Creeks Mariri's Zinnia 4*D, "E"

Dam: HC Farms CC Zena
DS: Cornerstone Farm Calneh
DD: Hayseed Farm's LL ZoomZoomZoom

Imp is the daughter of our foundation doe Zena, and the dairy influence of her sire has improved on her mother's udder shortcomings. Her sire Storm comes from strong milking lines including his dam, Zinnia.  Storm's full brother is MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm who was the 2002 National Champion.  But what makes Imp one of John's favorites is her funny and bold personality. If you feel someone nibbling on your shoes or back pocket when in the goat pen, chances are good it's just Imp saying hi! Imp is from the first crop of kids we ever produced, and is now going to her retirement here on the farm.

Mystiques Blue Nutmeg Spice *M
D.O.B 3/23/06
Sire: MYS Domino Blues
SS: Prarie Wood Double Stuff Oreo
SD: Prarie Wood Sierra Blues

Dam: Mountain Quest Orange Spice
DS: Twin Creeks BT As You Like It *S
DD: Mountain Quest Orange Zest
AGS, ADGA registered


Our kids showing the Nigerian temperament. In your pocket, your lap, or even on your head!